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Equinox Open Library Initiative Sponsors AspenCon 2024

Atlanta, Ga., March 11, 2024: Equinox Open Library Initiative, a trusted leader in open source technology development and support for libraries, is pleased to announce that Equinox is sponsoring and exhibiting at the AspenCon 2024 conference at the Innovators level. Equinox team members will also be presenting at the event.

“Equinox is proud to be a member of the Aspen Discovery community,” said Galen Charlton, Implementation and IT Manager at Equinox. “We are excited to present contributions to development and education for Aspen Discovery as part of AspenCon 2024 and look forward to meeting everyone in Golden, Colorado.”

Galen Charlton and Lena Hernandez will be presenting “Building Documentation for Aspen: Implementation and Beyond,” on March 14, 2024 at 10:00 am MST. Equinox staff will be available throughout the conference to answer questions about Aspen Discovery and to discuss Equinox’s Aspen Discovery services. AspenCon 2024 will be held in Golden, Colorado from March 13, 2024 through March 15, 2024.

“Aspen Discovery is an incredibly customizable system,” said Lena Hernandez, Product and Education Specialist at Equinox. “Its wealth of configuration choices means that each instance may look and act very differently than each other. We will provide a session that will help libraries using Aspen Discovery to create documentation that is polished, accessible, and fits the needs of their own users. We are really excited to present this information to libraries using Aspen Discovery.”

AspenCon 2024 is the first conference dedicated to Aspen Discovery. Registration is free and the three day long conference will include in person and virtual components. The full conference schedule can be found here:

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About Aspen Discovery
Aspen Discovery is an open source discovery layer that powerfully gathers all of a library’s resources together into a single search. Aspen Discovery provides comprehensive access to the entirety of a library’s holdings, pulling in data from the ILS and licensed databases. To learn more, visit:

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