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Never go it alone.

Equinox is not just about software and service. We are also about community,

Equinox team members actively participate in the open source communities of the products we support. We recognize the importance of community growth and engagement as essential to the development of innovative products for libraries.

When you work with Equinox, you have the choice to be as involved as you’d like. If you’re interested in learning about open source communities and technologies, we’ll hold the door open for you and help you identify opportunities.

If you’re already active in open source community development, we invite you to join us in collaborative projects, new ideas, and product improvements. 


Equinox is proud to participate in the open source communities we support. We encourage our customers to join these communities. Community resources include:

Every product we support also has a strong community backing it up.


FulfIllment joins the basic process of the scalable Evergreen library software with “connectors” to other integrated library systems creating a real-time virtual union catalog for library systems or networks implementing FulfIllment.

Equinox Grants

Equinox Open Source Grant

The Equinox Open Source Grant provides implementation, training, hosting, and support services for the Koha ILS, an open source integrated library system used by libraries worldwide. The grant is provided for an initial term of three years and can be renewed indefinitely as long as the recipient continues to qualify for the grant.

The Equinox Open Source Grant first launched in 2019, inspired by the vibrant open source community and the belief that every community deserves to benefit from a searchable, accessible, and thriving library. For more information about the grant, please visit the Equinox Open Source Grant resource page.



Equinox Community Grant

The Equinox Community Grant provides open source communities with support and infrastructure to build thriving and active open communities in libraries, archives, and cultural heritage organizations.


Equinox Open Library Initiative is committed to providing support and infrastructure to libraries, archives, and cultural heritage institutions using open source technologies. To inquire about Equinox Open Library grant programs, contact us.