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July 28, 2021 (1-2 pm ET)

equinoxEDU: Spotlight on Fulfillment

Take ownership of your ILL software! Join us for an introduction to Fulfillment,  a fully open source ILL system, which can be used alongside or in connection with any integrated library system. Fulfillment is a modern resource sharing platform that supports the needs of public and academic library consortia. This webinar will provide an overview of the ILL workflow in Fulfillment, as well as a discussion of configuration options. 

August 25, 2021 (1-2 pm ET)

equinoxEDU: Spotlight on CORAL ERM

Say goodbye to your spreadsheets and hello to an open source solution for managing electronic resources! Join us to learn how CORAL ERM can help your library manage electronic resource subscriptions and purchases.  This webinar will provide an overview of CORAL’s modules for managing electronic resources, acquisitions, licensing, vendors, and reporting.  CORAL is a great tool for libraries of all types to manage the increasing complexities of electronic resources.

equinoxEDU delivers online education for learners of all levels. From dynamic, instructor-led sessions, to self-paced, asynchronous learning resources, equinoxEDU provides education and training for library open source software.

equinoxEDU: Events

Join us each month for equinoxEDU live webinars featuring topics related to library open source technologies and library software innovations.

  • equinoxEDU: Spotlight events provide quick educational opportunities for library professionals. These one hour webinars are held monthly and provide overviews of topics related to open source software in libraries. Spotlight webinars are free and open to all!
  • equinoxEDU: Workshop events provide an opportunity to gain in depth knowledge about a specific topic without the structure of a full training program. Work with an Equinox Trainer and your fellow equinoxEDU: Workshop attendees to learn a new skill today!

equinoxEDU: Resources

Looking for a quick refresher on a specific topic? View our video library to find self-paced learning resources. Our full video library can be found on Vimeo.  Check back, new videos are added on a regular basis!

Tips & Tricks

Select Images to Elevate Content

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Evergreen Curbside Resources

Equinox has written a new feature for the Evergreen ILS to help libraries manage curbside pickup operations. This feature allows library staff and patrons to schedule appointments for patrons to
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Going Fine Free in Koha

By Galen Charlton, Implementation and IT Manager at Equinox Open Library Initiative So, after much discussion, presentations before your board, research, and community engagement your library has made the decision to
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Conference Presentations

Equinox subject experts regularly share their knowledge at national, international, and community conferences. 


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