Equinox provides innovative open source software for libraries of all types.

Extraordinary service. Exceptional value.

As a 501(c)(3) nonprofit corporation, Equinox supports library automation by investing in open source software and providing technology services for libraries.

Products & Services

Koha is the first free and open source library automation package. Equinox’s team includes some of Koha’s core developers.

Evergreen is a unique and powerful open source ILS designed to support large, dispersed, and multi-tiered library networks.

Equinox provides ongoing educational opportunities through equinoxEDU, including live webinars, workshops, and online resources.

Fulfillment is an open source interlibrary loan management system. Fulfillment can be used alongside or in connection with any integrated library system.

CORAL is an open source electronic resources management system. Its interoperable modules allow libraries to streamline their management of electronic resources.

Why Choose Equinox?

Get easy and stress-free open source ILS software support

  • Equinox is different from most ILS providers. As a non-profit organization, our guiding principle is to provide a transparent, open software development process, and we release all code developed to publicly available repositories.
  • Equinox is experienced with serving libraries of all types in the United States and internationally. We’ve supported and migrated libraries of all sizes, from single library sites to full statewide implementations.
  • Equinox is technically proficient, with skilled project managers, software developers, and data services staff ready to assist you. We’ve helped libraries automating for the first time and those migrating from legacy ILS systems.
  • Equinox knows libraries. More than fifty percent of our team are professional librarians with direct experience working in academic, government, public and special libraries. We understand the context and ecosystem of library software.

Fully Utilize the power of Open Source ILS software

Maximize the power of open source ILS with the original developers of Evergreen and key developers of Koha. Leverage our experience and passion for open source to determine the best way to deploy and customize these technologies to your library’s unique needs. Save time, money, and a whole lot of stress.

Worry free hosting services

We provide hosting services you can trust. All of our servers have fully redundant power and networking for interruption free hosting for your application. We proactively fix potential issues, and we’re always available to assist you whenever you need it.

Access to experts for advice, consultations, and support

Take advantage of our expert developers and librarians. In addition to being some of the original developers of open source technologies like Evergreen and Koha, half our team members are degreed librarians. Let us show you how you can make your library the best it can be.

Leave the development and technology to us

Equinox provides everything you need to run open source software in your library – installation, hosting, technical support, development, and advice. Open source can be an easy, turnkey solution. It can also do so much more. Want to make your library awesome? You’ve come to the right place.

We ensure a smooth migration

Migration is no small endeavor. We focus on all of the little things to prevent interruption of service or headaches later on. This means that we listen to you, and being librarians ourselves, we understand you too. Our team provides world-class support and advice, including the development of customizations if necessary. It’s all the details.

Why Choose Open Source?

Our Sequoia platform provides the highest possible uptime, performance, and capabilities of any hosted library automation system. For libraries looking for a simple ILS solution, Koha offers full-featured library automation at a fraction of the cost. If your library is looking to migrate or develop open source software functionality, we’re the ones to talk to. Even our competitors come to us for help.

Mitigate the Risk of Consolidation

During recent years, many ILS vendors have been consolidating. This consolidation has forced administrators to either migrate to different software or face a lack of support in their current software. The good news is that open source solutions mitigate this risk by giving libraries a voice in the speed and direction of their libraries’ migrations – or alternatively – manage their own updates and support to their own installation. This gives libraries alternative options when events like these arise, rather than being stuck choosing to either upgrade on the vendor’s terms or lose support.

Try it now, For Free, and with Full Functionality

When purchasing support for an open source ILS, you will never be limited in functionality like you experience when working with traditional ILS vendors. There are no restrictive trial periods – you can download, install, and test open source solutions without any tedious document preparation, endless contracts, or limited free-trial functionality. With open source solutions, you can download and test it in your library for free. If you find you want to add functionality or need custom development, you can take a more focused approach and publish an RFP specifically for that need, rather than replace your entire system.

No Vendor Lock-In

There are many reasonably priced vendors who support open source solutions, eliminating the need to internally staff developers. Most handle data conversion, installation, training, support, maintenance, ongoing development, customization, and other services you would otherwise receive from proprietary support. If you find yourself unsatisfied with your support vendor, you can simply move to a different vendor, giving you the power to choose.

Community Oriented

Instead of relying on a single vendor for advice, suggestions, and upgrades, you have the benefit of an entire community to support you and your software. This community is very passionate about the products they develop and are also extremely experienced and capable. Collaboration within this community is open and encouraged, eliminating issues that would otherwise arise from using a single developer or vendor.

With open source development, libraries all contribute code to the community, resulting in more comprehensive and higher quality systems.

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Grant Stories

Equinox Open Library Initiative is committed to providing support and infrastructure to libraries, archives, and cultural heritage institutions using open source technologies. One of the ways we do this is through our Equinox Open Source Grant and Equinox Community Grant programs.

The Equinox Promise

We are wholly devoted to expanding library access to affordable, customizable, open source software by providing high quality data management, migration, support, development, and training services. Our commitment to making open source software available and easy for libraries to use includes employing core developers skilled in both Evergreen and Koha development, which allows us to support a wide range of library needs, based on the specific requirements of the library. We also proactively identify innovations and opportunities to enhance our offerings with relevant open source solutions.

What does this mean, concretely? We promise to be a good citizen in the open source communities we work with.