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Curbside Overview

Equinox is pleased to announce that the new Curbside Pickup for Evergreen feature has completed partner testing and is available for review to the wider Evergreen community. By the time you read this, it might have been accepted to the Evergreen codebase! We have deployed this feature to our hosted Sequoia customers as of June 30th and are happy to help our self-hosted customers to add the feature to their Evergreen systems.

Equinox developed the plans for Curbside Pickup in support of libraries who are implementing new curbside services as a result of the coronavirus pandemic. This feature is intended to sit alongside existing holds and notifications workflows and practices and was intentionally designed to be as lean as possible in its first iteration.

The initial Curbside Pickup development was sponsored by the Pennsylvania Integrated Library System (PaILS), and more information is available via the Launchpad bug or the original press release. Equinox’s Project Manager for Software Development, Andrea Buntz Neiman, says, “Curbside came together in record time, and I’m proud of our team for pushing this out so quickly.  Thanks also to PaILS staff for being able to test on a short timeline.”

If you’re interested in learning more about Curbside Pickup, we have created a series of training videos which are available on YouTube. The latest version of the documentation is available on our website. Current customers may sign up for a webinar about how to use Curbside Pickup.

Plans are in the works for future enhancements to the Evergreen Curbside feature, and Equinox is also exploring the idea of writing a similar feature for Koha. If you’re a Koha customer, and would be interested in this feature, please let us know!

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