equinoxEDU: Spotlight on Evergreen 3.8

Equinox EDU Spotlight

February 23, 2022 (1-2pm ET). Join us as we highlight some of the newest features available in version 3.8 of the Evergreen ILS. On-demand materials will be provided in advance for early review and you will have the opportunity to submit questions to the presenter prior to the live webinar. Topics will include a look at the rewrite of the Acquisitions Administration Interfaces, updates to the Holdings Maintenance & Item Attributes Editor, and Consolidated Patron Notes.

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2021 Year in Review: Equinox Advances Open Source Initiatives for Libraries


2021 Year in Review: Equinox Advances Open Source Initiatives for Libraries

Atlanta, Ga., January 6, 2022: Equinox Open Library Initiative announces the publication of the 2021 Equinox Year in Review. The Year in Review details the advancement of Equinox’s programs supporting libraries and open source communities during the 2021 year, including grant programs, fundraising, community engagement, conference presentations, and development and community initiatives with Evergreen, Koha, CORAL, SubjectsPlus, Fulfillment, and VuFind. Additional highlights of the report include the launch of the equinoxEDU learning program, the CORAL ERM Online Summit, the 2021 Evergreen International Online Conference, the 2021 Equinox Open Source Grant, participation in the EveryLibrary #5kYourWayfor Libraries, and the best of the year’s #ChatOpenS conversations.

Equinox Open Library Initiative is a nonprofit on a mission to support libraries with outstanding open source technologies, services, and support. In the last year, Equinox fostered conversations, welcomed guest moderators, prepared educational programming, developed presentations, and engaged a global community of librarians, library staff, technologists, software developers, partners, and community members to identify priorities and develop software and services to meet the needs of libraries today. Equinox welcomes new partnerships in 2022!

Read the 2021 Equinox Year in Review and learn more on the Equinox website.

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